Heritage Victoria should refuse Barwon Water’s application to demolish 4 spans of the Aqueduct because …

    • of its heritage, engineering, architectural and aesthetic importance
    • demolishing spans from the middle of the structure limits any potential future use 
    • demolition impedes any restoration
    • demolition may limit the stability of the structure
    • the structure is an entity and breaking it into separate parts will destroy its integrity
    • importantly, it holds a lot of potential for public access and this will prevent the structure being integrated into a future walking trail or bicycle track
    • this jewel should be under the jurisdiction of another instrumentality which manages other heritage places

Heritage Victoria should refuse Barwon Water’s application to demolish 4 spans of the Aqueduct because there are engineering solutions to provide safety under the Aqueduct on the river, and on the land, so demolition is not required. 

Below are extracts from a Report to Barwon Water, Part 1 and Part 2, by an engineering firm GHD in September 2017. 

These Reports in full, are on the Heritage Victoria advertised permit applications web site.

GHD are the initials of the founder of the Company in 1928 Gordon Guttridge, and the two partners who joined in 1939, Gerald Haskins and Geoffrey Davey. 

Option 2a in the Report provides safe access under one land span, and one river span.

See below artist’s impression, engineers drawings below, and cost estimates. 

Option 2a cost $2,865,866 in 2017.


FROM: GHD Report – Structural Options Assessment 2017 – Part 1, page 30

Option 2a:       Provision of Safe Access under One Land Span (Culvert) and One River Span (Protective Structure) 

Cost:                2,865,866 

FROM:  GHD Report – Structural Options Assessment 2017 – Part 2 

Appendix A – Structural Options Sketches & Visualisations for Option 2a


Submissions to Heritage Victoria close on Friday, 19th June, 2020. 

If you would like to see the Aqueduct conserved so that this engineering marvel can be enjoyed into the future, you have a chance to take action now.

·      Write your own submission to Heritage Victoria outlining your concerns and asking them to refuse the permit application for demolition of four spans.

·      Or simply use the attached draft submission.

·       Submit the completed form to Heritage Victoria before midnight on Friday, 19th June, via email at 

Refer to ACTION NEEDED on the menu for details 

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