The Importance of the Barwon River Ovoid Sewer Acqueduct

The value of the structure lies in its beauty.

It’s elegant and strong and trips across the flood plain seeming right for the place it stands in. 

Picking its way across the plain. 

It mirrors the actions of the water birds that poke amongst the reeds on their stilt legs. 

They and the aqueduct together reinforce the spirit of the place, sitting lightly on the land and water, delicately poised and in so far as they are both gradually disintegrating they are of the essence of the place, slipping back into the long history of this land. 

A noble and truthful relic of the past going back to the beginning. 

Heritage Victoria should refuse Barwon Water’s application to demolish 4 spans of the Aqueduct because … 

•        of its heritage, engineering, architectural and aesthetic importance

•        demolishing spans from the middle of the structure limits any potential future use

•        demolition impedes any restoration

•        demolition may limit the stability of the structure

•        the structure is an entity and breaking it into separate parts will destroy its integrity

•        importantly, it holds a lot of potential for public access and this will prevent the structure being integrated into a future walking trail or bicycle track

•        this jewel should be under the jurisdiction of another instrumentality which manages other heritage places

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